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CEREBROS is my name. i come from Robocity and, i'm a little 11 years old robot. yah, i was born on 07/05/2000, Taurus. I'm introverse, shy, sensitive, altruist, and loving. I have a brother called Maximus, and I attend Robocity Primary School, Year 3. --more?

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Sweet Kitty

Site name: Sweet Kitty
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Hosted since: December 2nd, 2009
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Why Sweet Kitty?

My former site was named ‘Sweet Caramel’ because I just wanted something starting with ‘sweet’ and, as most of the names are taken by other bloggers, I thought of a very sweet caramel ice-cream I ate a week before. When I closed it, I felt that if I ever had a domain one day it would still be about something sweet, so when I had a chance I picked ‘Sweet Kitty’, because it’s still ‘sweet’ and because my brother Maximus and I recently adopted a small kitten, Fiona, which is my baby now. :3 Isn’t everything so sweet? Ahah.

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